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It Pays to Automate:
The WaveTen compensation plan is like nothing you have ever seen before! In fact, there are eight separate commissions you have the ability to earn as a WaveTen Independent Distributor. To start, you earn Fast Start Commission on every sale you make. You are also eligible to earn Customer Acquisition Bonuses and Matching Bonuses on all sales in your organization to INFINITY! And if that is not enough, you can qualify to earn Monthly Commission Overrides and Retail Sales Commissions to Infinity as well. The best part is you are paid automatically and directly into your mobile-friendly global pre paid debit account daily!
Get Paid Daily:
There is nothing better than getting paid daily. There's no waiting until the end of the week or month for YOUR MONEY! Fact! Anytime you or anyone on your team makes a NEW sale or RENEWS their product subscription you'll get paid within 24 hours of that sale! That's right…Cha-Ching! And once again, 'Your Money' is deposited directly into your mobile-friendly global pre paid debit account. Imagine building a team of distributors that are constantly on the move making sales and you are being paid to INFINITY on every sale on a DAILY BASIS! Working for yourself puts you in total control of your income!
How It Works:
When you join our WaveTen Team you'll get your own mobile-friendly pre paid global debit card mailed directly to you. Then when you or anyone on your team makes a NEW SALE or RENEWS their product subscription, you'll be paid directly into your global pre paid debit account. You can then withdraw your money via any authorized ATM machine or use your prepaid debit card anywhere Master Card is accepted. In addition, you can instantly send, receive, manage and secure your money, 24 hours a day seven days a week, all right from your mobile phone, or online.
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NOTE: This calculator only reflects Monthly
membership commissions down to 6 levels.

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Calculator Disclaimer
This illustration is only for educational purposes and
is not intended to serve as a guarantee of income.
Success in this business requires hard work, dedication
and good sales skills. The average participant in this
business earns between $500 and $2,000. Some earn
less while some earn much more