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Systems Create Wealth:
Fact! Work Creates Cash, Systems Create Wealth. A good example of this  is McDonald's. Their success isn't because they have the best hamburgers; it's due to their simple, duplicable systems. Having a good system gives you the ability to compound leverage your success. The ultimate goal of this system is to automate, duplicate, accelerate and leverage your time, efforts & resources so you can create not just income but wealth that lasts!
A Turn Key System:
To develop an automated online system that works it takes an enormous amount of time, effort, resources and risk. The good news is, we've done all the up front work for you so you don't have to. In a matter of minutes you'll have your own fully automated, turnkey business building system ready to go to work for you 24x7, 365 days a year. To see an example of how our automated marketing system works, watch this video
 Presentation Site:
The waveten marketing system consists of a number tools and resources to help you build your business. One of the tools you get is your own Presentation Site just like this one designed to do all of the sorting, presenting and enrolling for you so you don’t have to! Simply invite your prospects to your Affiliate Presentation Site and let the system do the rest! To see a list of all the features included in this system. Click Here
 Lead Capture Pages
Lead Capture pages are like having signs posted all over the Internet attracting people that are great candidates for your opportunity. Maximum exposure leads to higher sales - and the growth of your business! We provide over 60 Lead Capture for you to choose from. Use them to promote WaveTen or any other business. Once a prospect submits the form you’re notified instantly via email and cell phone and our custom Autoresponders follow-up for you for over a year! (samples below)
 Emotion-Evoking Movies:
You also have the option to select landing pages with video presentations. Let's face it half of the battle, when building an online business, is getting people to opt-in for more information. You must inspire the prospect to take action! What do 99% of all TV, radio or magazine ads target? Emotion! Our professional multi-media presentations stimulates the prospect to react emotionally, and to fill out the detailed interview questionnaire. Then you’re notified instantly via email and cell phone.
Sample Landing Pages
Sample Video Presentations
Sample Presentations Sites
This is our presentation site
Click Here To View This Template Click Here To View This Template
Click Here To View This Template Click Here To View This Template
Click Here To View The Video Presentation Click Here To View The Video Presentation
Click Here To View This Video Demo Click Here To View This Video Demo
Contact Manager:
Never let another prospect fall through the cracks! Your prospects’ details, history and appointments are accessible to you from any computer, anywhere, any time! Say good-bye to spiral notebooks, post-it pads, rolodex, and other antiquated methods of maintaining your growing database. You’ll be amazed at the intuitive interface & feature & how organized and professional this tool will keep you!
SpeeDialer (Autodialer):
No one wants to spend all day on the phone, yet phone follow-up is a crucial part of relationship building and business development. Using our SMART technology, you’ll be able to call 3 times the prospects in half the time! SpeeDialer will dial the numbers, leave professional (and proven) voice mails that inspire prospects to take action and send follow-up emails after each call! This tool will save you hours of time! (15 day-free trial included).
Tracking System:
You can’t improve what you can’t measure! Stop throwing away your time and money on useless advertising! The Ad Tracker shows you which of your ads are pulling, and which are not! With our Ad Tracker you can very simply track all of your advertising including, email, drop cards banners, business cards, pop-ups, flyers, classified, magazines, signature files direct mail and more!
Your Network Marketing success is solely dependent on your ability to duplicate! With our system, everyone is on the same page with the same system, training and tools. Why reinvent the wheel? Simply plug your Members into our proven system. We free up your time so you can focus on what makes you money: enrolling prospects into your opportunity!
Training Tools:
When it comes to the best in Internet and Network Marketing training we’ve got you covered!
We use a variety of training modalities to fit your schedule and learning style from Online Webinars, teleconferences, email training, audio & video tutorials, online live support and a growing audio library featuring the best trainers in the industry.
Resource Center:
Our resource center and Power Tool Box are brimming over with helpful articles, sample ads, phone scripts, free marketing tools and more. We give you the freedom to use our pre-written perfectly-timed emails that convert and turn new or existing team members into productive builders. Don’t want to use templates? Create your own to supplement or totally replace ours.
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